Rumi on Change

The Greedy Ant


The ant gets so excited over a single grain, because he is not able to see the containers with tons of grains in them. He takes 118away that grain with fear and greed. The owner of the containers says: Oh you! As you are unable to see, you think the containers don’t exist. You have seen from our containers just a single grain, to the extent of that, you have wrapped your body and soul around it.

Oh you, an insignificant drop, look at skies, go along like a lame ant, but look at Solomon

You are not this body, you are that beheld vision,

You will be freed from the body, if you have seen the soul

A person is all vision, the rest is flesh and skin,

What ever his eyes have beheld, he is that (Rumi, Masnavi,

Book 6, Part 25)

The inability to see the bigger picture, will cause us, like the fearful ant, to get stuck to a worthless grain.

The inability to see the big opportunities would make me be dependant on my small opportunities, like a conservative fearful man.

The inability to see unlimited wealth, will cause me to be stuck to the little bit of money I have. Equally, with not seeing  those  great  dreams,  my  little  aims  and  goals become very important to me.

In closing my mind to the very many creative ideas, I make my single unripe idea to become the island of my dreams. Inability to see the possibilities of the future, causes us to get stuck to the past.

Inability to see unlimited identities causes me to take the single garment of my identity as myself.

From Rumi on Change by Love and Reason

Translated by Sherry Nabijou


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